Your memory and IQ depends on your sleep

Humans use their memory and IQ better than the animals hence we stand apart from them. In short, we are more civilized than the animals. But to maintain the IQ and memory we have to have a sharp mind. To have a sharp mind you need to be less stressed, less quirky and at peace with your life. Of course it not possible all the time, but at least we can try.

A recent study by the researchers of US has revealed that a good sound sleep helps the memory and IQ of the human mind to function better, although studies are still being conducted to understand the full potential of sleep on human mind.

A previous study brought out the fact that sleep helps the nerves to calm down, hence stress and depression could be eliminated by sleep. It is not easy as the process is not objective. Different people tackle stress and depression differently. For some sleep itself is not enough hence they are given medicinal attention for a better and healthy life.

In order to attain a good sleep, to attain good memory and IQ, and to be less weary or languid you have to do justice with your sleep schedule. Making sure that you gain 7-9 hours of sleep from your 24 hours schedule will prove to be a good point for a start. 7-9 hours is officially declared as the perfect time for sleep by the Sleep Apnea Association of US.

So now we get to the point where we see stress, sleep apnea disorder, memory and IQ of a human intervened with each other. Misbalance in any of the four can cause you mental problems of higher or lower levels. To avoid this you have to determine your sleep schedule and maintain it. If you need assistance, consult your doctor.

Sleep helps the body and mind to relax and rejuvenate at the same time. The tension and pressure which the mind handles throughout the day; sleep helps in relaxing them down. You get a fresh mind only if you sleep enough.

7-9 hours sleep – Double-check that you have maintained a schedule that gives you ample time to sleep for at least 9 hours in a day. The benefits of sleeping for 9 hours are many –

  • Good memory and IQ
  • Skin gets replenished, looks fresh
  • Nerves are relaxed
  • You don’t feel tired while working in the morning

If you are having trouble getting a 9 hours continuous sleep, then you should immediately visit the doctor and get yourself checked for sleep apnea disorder. Symptoms of sleep apnea include excessive tiredness, dry mouth, hallucinations, quirkiness or weariness and need for sleep everytime.

To avoid sleep apnea and help you, use Provigil under the supervision of a certified doctor. Provigil is a sleep enhancer and also has a positive effect on your brain functioning. It enhances the memory and IQ power and lets you work more efficiently suppressing your sleep apnea.

You can buy Provigil online from shopmedpills online pharmacy, to stay away from sleep apnea. All the medicines available are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authority. For a good memory and a better performance at work and in life; use provigil pill to your benefit.

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