What effect stress has on allergies?

Allergies are mostly due to your body is refusing to accept some foreign substance in the body. Allergies are propelled in the body due to foreign substance launching histamines that lead to the development of allergy related symptoms. The problem they cause can have very severe problems on the physical condition of the body. Common symptoms due to allergy can be swelling, itching, skin rashes, redness of skin, difficulty in breathing, etc.

The causes of allergy could be many, few of them are – insect venom, food like peanuts (most of the cases of allergy are reported for peanuts), pollens, medicines or drug and dust. Many people are allergic to some typical odor of perfume, etc. The relation between stress and allergy is worse. Stress does no causes allergy but worsens the condition.

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Stress acts as a trigger in the case of allergy. Allergic situations like running nose, sneezing or swelled eyes are a problematic situation and having mental stress on top of that triggers the body to function more slowly to reduce the stress. This can have serious problems during the night. A person suffering from an allergy and having stress is not able to a have a good sleep, thus the next morning the required rest needed by the person remains incomplete.

Under such situations people are not able to perform what they are doing or what is expected from them. It is better to consult a doctor in cases of extreme allergic condition. Home remedies are fine but in order to get a better treatment and a safe healthy life ahead a medical supervision under such cases is compulsory.

Researchers from Ohio State University claim that stress worsens the condition of allergy. The researchers found “Stress can cause several negative effects on the body causing more symptoms for allergy sufferers”. The only way to avoid this is by consulting a good doctor and keeping on taking the proper medication for the same.

Allergy could be kept in control buy making sure that you are keeping your habits in control, do what your doctor says. In order to get a better allergy free health you need to follow the following steps –

Stay away from what you are allergic to –

It is important to maintain distance from the objects that you are allergic too. whether it is food or the dust particles. Don’t eat or go near a place with lot of dust to avoid any kind of allergy.

Read before what you eat –

Read about the ingredients in the food item that you eat. It is important, don’t be shy asking the waiter if the food item contains the item you are allergic too. You shyness can land yuin trouble.

Stay away from bad weather –

A bad weather or change in weather is also a problem for many. Make sure that you stay away from that and also you are carrying your medication.

Eat medicine on time –

Eat your medicines on time. Your medicines help keep your allergic reactions under control. Especially while travelling keep a medicine with you, as asthma patients keep their spray along with them.

Consult your doctor well before starting on a new medication –

Tell your doctor about your allergies, about your medical history, do you have any kind of problem in your past with certain medicines, etc. It is important as the doctor will decide on the basis of that which medicine to give you.

Following these few steps will help you keep away from allergy. Remember, stress can trigger allergy and also hamper your sleep pattern. So be careful what you do.

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