We often ask doctors about any possible side effects a medicine can cause to us so that we can be safe on our side. But not every time the side effects we think will harm is correct. Many of the times we eat a tablet and feel burning sensation and thus we avoid eating the tablet anymore even sometimes if the doctor asks us to continue.

There is a grave confusion in some people regarding side effects of medicines. They don’t the difference between prolonging side effects and temporary side effects. Lets us try to understand in basic terms what these two mean and how they affect our health.

Prolonged side effect-

In some cases a side effect may develop and may persist for a very long time, this can be a dangerous sign for your health. Some medicines cause severe side effects and result in a new issue related to your health. Especially for pregnant women’s it is advised to take any kind of medication under a doctor’s supervision for the safety of the child. Hence prolonged side effect can cause serious health issues.

Temporary side effects-

Your body starts reacting to any medicine you eat, this itself is a sign that the medicine is affecting the body. But the effect can be temporary. Like drowsiness, sweating, etc. These symptoms mean that your body is reacting in order to get healthy due to the intake of medicine. Thus it should not be confused with prolonged side effect.

Every medicine or pill reacts and causes a effect in the body, but one should understand the type of side effect and deal with the medication accordingly. It is advised that you refer to a doctor in such cases.

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