Too much or too little sleep linked with sleep disorders

The standard sleep hours recommended by the medical sleep experts is 7- 9 hours a day. It is important that you take the amount of nap necessary for a proper health. This also helps in keeping your memory razor sharp, providing you with a good concentration and focus level.

A recent study by the researchers of CDC (center for disease control and prevention) have found out that too much sleep or too little sleep can cause chronic diseases in later stage of the day, especially in people with age more than 45. This could prove to be fatal, as some of the chronic diseases are diabetes, coronary heart diseases and obesity related.

Sleeping should be a fixed pattern and needs to be followed for a better health. Both, too much and too little sleep, are the reason for obesity. It adds to the tiredness and laziness of that person, which is a symptom of sleep apnea disorders.

People who don’t bring a change in their lifestyle even after such signs can lead themselves into severe health risks related to mental illness and cardiac issues. An improper sleep pattern is one of the reasons that you are not digesting your food properly. The body refuses to adapt the pattern of such sleep type.

Sleep apnea in adolescents

Adolescents can very easily become the target of such sleep pattern. Parent or guardians need to keep a tab on their sleep activities and if you find any problem with their sleep, try to rectify it by consulting a doctor. Now, why is sleep apnea even more risky in adolescents?

Sleep apnea can cause behavioral pattern change in adolescents. This could be related to their mental growth. This could lead into an irritating behavior of the adolescents.

Sleep disorders are generally caused by the sleeping pattern. If you are having trouble sleeping then you are close to have an attack of sleep apnea disorder. Too little sleep will make you tired and restless the next morning and you may experience sleepy throughout the next day, which is a symptom of sleep apnea disorder.

Sleeping more than 9 hours a day can risk your chances of obesity and heart problems. So, in order to get a better sleep you need to make sure that you are sleeping somewhere in between 7-9 hours a day, which is the standard sleeping hours mentioned by the medical experts.

In case, if you are still not able to follow the proper sleeping directions, then you may immediately consult a doctor. You may be suffering from sleep apnea disorder. Sleep apnea can cause trouble in your wakefulness. They can also hamper you cognitive skills and degrade your ability to think and perform.

Treating sleep apnea disorders

Correcting sleep disorders is not so easy; also, it is not an overnight process. Sleep apnea disorders can be treated with the use of proper selection of diets with proper medication and exercise. You can ask your doctor for medicines, according to your sleep disorder type.

For most of the sleep disorders Provigil is recommended. Provigil 200 mg drug is a FDA approved drug. The drug is used in the treatment of sleep disorders like narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleep and shift work sleep disorder.

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