Provigil pill cures sleep apnea and enhances working efficiency

Sleep apnea can be one of the biggest hurdles in your working efficiency. Sleep apnea makes your body tired, weary and sleepy. You always feel the need to take a nap even if you woke up a couple of hours ago. In order to improve your work efficiency you need to work on correcting your sleep apnea, if you are able to make quick changes in your lifestyle and suppress your sleep apnea then you will certainly see an improvement in your working.

Sleep apnea disorders like narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and obstructive sleep apnea can make you dull for the whole day. Such sleep disorders can also cause severe health problems if not cured early. In the later stages narcolepsy forms into cataplexy, which is a more serious sleep disorder. In cataplexy the body loses control of the nervous system. Such a situation could be disastrous.

Hence it becomes important that you start treating your sleep apnea seriously. Make the necessary changes and also devote time for regular exercise and sleep. The best way to stay awake during the morning hours is by using medication prescribed the doctor. Provigil pill is a sleep enhancer and keeps you awake for 10-12 hours straight without making you feel the need to sleep.

Provigil has the advantage over other drugs in treating and has provided results too. The pill is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is recommended by the doctor’s to the patients of sleep apnea as the first choice for treatment.

Provigil pill belongs to the nootropic group of drugs and is a wakefulness enhancer. The pill should be taken in the morning after breakfast and the working people should follow this schedule for a better result during the working hours. Provigil functions in the dopamine region of the brain and lets the nervous system respond and act fast than usual. Although, the complete functioning of the pill is not yet known, the above facts are concluded after research study of Provigil.

A point should be noted, which is important, that the pill, provigil, is not for every working class people who want to perform better. The pill is meant for the people who are suffering from sleep apnea disorders and are unable to perform at the office or respective workplace due to the same. In case you are using the pill without being diagnosed by the doctor you need to be extremely cautious.

Provigil can cause severe side-effects if not taken under the supervision of a doctor. The pill is can cause mood swings and hallucinations. In later stages it can cause Alzheimer’s too. Hence, it is recommended that you use the pill only after consulting it by a doctor. It is also important that you share your medical history with the doctor. People working in offices often face depression and stress, if you are one of the victims and have had bad history of mood swings, then share the fact with your doctor for better guidance to use the pill.

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