Stress, depression or sleep disorder, say bye to them with Modafinil

There are a lot of ways to say goodbye to stress, depression or sleep and rest related disorders, But none as effective as modafinil. Modafinil is the new age drug, as described by many of the doctors around the globe. The drug has the capacity of keeping one awake for almost 40 hours straight without feeling the need to sleep. The pill has certainly proved to be revolutionary for many, especially people working in shifts or at night and finding it hard to stay awake.

There are other medicines or remedies that provide the same but what does modafinil posses that makes it more special drug than the others. The drug is different in performance. Although the functioning of the pill is not known in detail but the effects of the pill on people using it have so far been positive. “Modafinil helps me to write codes for straight 12 hours without, having a feeling to take a break” says a computer coder who works in shifts. The pill has shown some high end results and is preferred for other reasons than taming down sleep disorder too.

Modafinil helps in boosting the memory, work performance and the cognitive skills of the person consuming it. The working of the modafinil, a very little known so far, states that the pill reacts with the dopamine area in the brain and thus affects the nervous system by sending the signals to enhance the work performance. The same happens with caffeine. But caffeine in large amounts is not recommended as it can cause various other health hazards. The risks with modafinil are less as compared to other medicines.

There are certain precautions that needs to be maintained by you as a person consuming modafinil pill –

-Consume with water, with or without food

-Consume one hour prior going to the work

-Don’t take during the bedtime, as it is a sleep wakefulness enhancer

-Don’t depend too much on alcohol and smoke after consuming this psychostimulant

-Regularly be in touch with your doctor

In order to take the benefits of the modafinil pill you have to follow these instructions. The pill has the ability to enhance performance during the work. Modafinil is generic medicine and a sleep wakefulness promoting drug belonging to the group of nootropic drugs.

The pill also has certain side-effects associated with it. Most of the side-effects are temporary and fade away after a couple of days, but if the side-effects are showing prolonged symptoms then you should immediately suspend the use of the medicine and visit the doctor for any further instructions regarding the pill. The common side-effects are –

Nausea, headache, stomach sickness, rashes, irritation, etc.

The pill is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Modafinil is also available in the form of Provigil and other drugs. provides various medicines related to sleep and rest disorders. The medicines available on the website are approved by the US FDA and thus are safe to consume. But we still advice you to get a nod from your doctor before continuing the medicine. In order to avail discounted prices from the website you can make a purchase and from second purchase onwards you can have exclusive discounts. To order Modafinil online you can log on to and place the order. In order to get more information about the services and medicines you can contact us via our mail ids.

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