We in our earlier blogs have already provided you with few tips to avoid day time sleep. In this blog we will be looking at some more expert tips that can help in a better night sleep and can help prevent day time sleep.

Go to bed only when you feel sleepy

It is seen that most of us after eating just go to bed, irrespective of the fact that whether we are feeling sleepy or not. This should be avoided at any cost. If you are not feeling sleepy then avoid going to bed as it will only add to late night sleep and you lying down for no reason. In case you need rest you can lay down.

Keep bed clean

If you find things lying here and there, it may disturb you and cause a disturbance resulting in breaking of your sleep. Hence it is advised that you keep your things well placed. Also, make sure that you are keeping things that distract you out of your reach, for example your mobile phone.

Consult a sleep specialist

If still things don’t get better visit a doctor. This would help you as the doctor will certainly examine you and would give you a better advice.

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