Sleeplessness may speed-up aging of brain

Aging is of various types, and by this medical science indicates the different aging signs of our body, both internal and external features. Skin, hair are some of the external features, similarly your brain also ages, but is it good if it ages before you have reached the real age for that? A new study debates the seriousness and severity of the aging brain before time and the probable reasons that are responsible for it.

It is no hidden fact that after a certain age, the brain stops being sharp. It becomes difficult to concentrate and focus on things. This mainly happens as we grow old. The nervous system stops responding quick resulting in our slow reflex actions.

In majority of people, this process, aging of brain, occurs in the late 60’s or even after that. The new research by a group of medical experts from Singapore confirms that the aging of the brain is a complete different process and it can hit any person early in the 50’s too. The major cause for this is sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important activity, if not followed properly it can give you life-threatening health disorder. One of the disorders is quick aging of brain. If you sleep less or are addicted to short sleep patterns then risk of you falling a victim to aging of brain increases. Aging of the brain is directly related to your sleep pattern.

The average time provided for a proper sleep in adults is 7 hours a day, if you are sleeping less than that a day, your chances of quick rain aging doubles. Brain aging can lead to various problems, two of the most disastrous ones are, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The ability to focus, concentrate and make cognitive decisions also decreases. The severity increases when the nervous system fails to respond to the actions. This happens in one of the sleep disorder cases of narcolepsy, at a later stage.

Narcolepsy, a sleep apnea disorder, causes excessive sleepiness throughout the day. Narcolepsy affects the cognitive ability and also degrades focus and concentration during work hours. The later stage of narcolepsy, known as cataplexy, is even dire.

Cataplexy can be closely related to aging of brain, as the disorder is linked to the nervous system malfunction. In cataplexy the brain loses control of the body, leaving it in a motionless, paralytic condition for few minutes. This is a sign of weakening of the nervous system.

Well, aging of brain can be minimized if you are able to treat your sleep apnea disorder. Treating sleep apnea disorder is not an easy task, it requires making changes in daily life routine. You have to keep a tab on your food, exercise and your medication. Intake of less sodium and sugar is recommended along with daily exercises of about 25-30 minutes.

In case of medication, Modafinil is recommended. Modafinil 200 mg pills are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority of the US. The pill belongs to the nootropic group of drugs. Modafinil acts on the nervous system and helps in keeping the brain awake for long hours of the day. The pill also sharpens focus and concentration.

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