Sleeplessness can cause death

This shouldn’t be taken casually; sleeplessness or insomnia can cause death in reality. Insomnia is a condition, in which the person is not able to sleep at all. The person feels the need to sleep but is not able to do it. The nervous system of the body stops to function properly and may lead to certain mental instability.

Sleeplessness affect on physical condition –

Sleeplessness can affect the physical condition of the body adversely. The body starts losing weight, your skin starts losing the color and the shine, your blood pressure is not stable, it changes frequently, your heart beating does the same.

And as the physical condition of your body deteriorates you are unable to perform most of the tasks. You start losing concentration and focus and start hallucinating.

Mental instability –

During insomnia, the mind is unable to get the required rest that it needs. In most of the cases, people suffering start hallucinating things. Their mind sometimes creates events that do not exist. This at times can be more dangerous and can lead to schizophrenia.

Both the conditions can prove to be fatal for the person suffering. It is best advised to try natural means to break the insomnia pattern. Best ways include meditation, yoga, counseling and socializing.

In order to maintain the mental and physical stability medical science has developed certain medicines and therapies to combat the situation. Provigil and Modafinil are two such tablets that are used in cases of sleep disorders.

Provigil belongs to the nootropic group of drug and acts as a sleep wakefulness agent. The pill also enhances cognitive skills of the person taking it. There are certain precautionary measures that need to be taken before starting with the pill. The pill is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is recommended by most of the doctors to patient of sleep disorders.

Buy Provigil Online can help treat insomnia to a certain level. The pill is designed to narcolepsy and other sleep disorders like excessive daytime sleep, morning tiredness and jet-lag. It is not the 100% cure for insomnia but can help in curbing the disorder to certain extent.

Provigil side-effects include – nausea/vomiting, headache, insomnia, irritation, rashes, etc. In case if you have been a patient of any serious medical condition then reveal it to your doctor. It is important as the medicine is given on the base of your medical history.

The pill also helps in increasing cognitive skills of the person taking. Provigil helps to stay awake for long hours, without feeling the need to take break. The advantages of provigil are many, but it also has certain disadvantages. So, if you are taking provigil make sure that you are taking under the supervision of a verified doctor.

Insomnia is a problem with your sleep. It is nothing that cannot be fought back, with a strong will power and support from your loved you can defeat insomnia and start living your life in a better, more superior way.

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