Sleep strengthens memory and reduces stress

Sleep is a very powerful activity and lesser are the facts that are known about it. Sleep can help you boost your memory as well as it can help you lower your stress levels, says a study performed by the researchers of an American university.

The study was performed on 60 college going students and 60 working people. The results were found to be positive about the memory strengthening and reduced level of stress. It is easy to determine that the stress occurs due to what reasons; work pressure, professional tensions, family pressure, etc. If you have to perform better you need to work better in the same order. But if you are over stressed then you may be on the edge of a breakdown where, working with full focus is not an option for you.

Stress can be divided into two categories stress that has an negative effect on the health and stress that creates an positive influence on the health and body functioning. Stress in small doses is necessary for an individual to work and perform better, but taking too much stress on yourself can land you in trouble. The only way to escape this is proper organization of your work and trying to maintain a balance in your personal life.

Having no stress in life is close to impossible. If you are a student you have the stress of doing your homework, exam, etc. If you are working then you may have stress due to work pressure, personal life troubles, etc. But stress in small doses actually helps you to perform the best and bring out the best from you. Under stress the efficiency of working doubles.

Food that helps in reducing stress (excerpt from one of our earlier blogs)


These are the most famous fruits that help in keeping the body fit. Avocados are famous for their antioxidants, including glutathione. They help in keeping the body fit by detoxicating harmful objects out of the body.


Lemon is used after food in many countries for digestion. Lemon is a great detox and helps in removing the toxin or harmful chemicals from the body.


High with antioxidants, broccoli is helpful in digestion. Broccoli is also rich in nutrients and vitamins. Use it for a better stomach and good health.

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