Sleep disorders linked to high blood pressure and stress

Sleep disorders are linked to many other health problems and if you are following our blogs you might know the most probable health risks with sleep apnea disorder. Of course there are problems of obesity, mood swings and hallucination with sleep apnea disorder, and now a recent study links sleep apnea with severe health risks like high blood pressure, excessive depression and heart risks.

The purpose of sleep for the body is simple and to the point, to provide the body sufficient energy so that it can last the next day. Along with energy a proper sleep provides with high concentration and focus advantage. Sleep helps your body and brain to replenish and function accurately while doing some work.

The obvious causes for sleep apnea disorders are –

Late night schedules – Avoid any late night work, until it is urgent. Don’t make it a habit- staying awake all night; it will only cause health problems to you. Late night sleeps is one of the most prominent causes of early aging symptoms.

Avoid high caffeine and salt-sugar in food – Drinking coffee twice to thrice a day is fine, more than that slowly becomes an addiction and it causes you sleep problems later. It is a psychological fact that drinking more than 10 cups of coffee can make you hallucinate. Also, avoid high salt or sugar intake in food; it is not good for your health as well as for your weight. Cut down the intake of sat-sugar in food.

Sleeping environment – If you are finding it difficult to sleep in your bed, then you don’t have your surrounding properly fixed for a better sleep environment. Make sure the sleep area is not too bright and hot. Keep the environment warm enough so that you can fall asleep properly.

Making adjustment for a better sleep is all you need to be healthier. The problem of high blood pressure is triggered when your diet and sleep are not in sync. Blood pressure is caused if the body has too much salt intake and is not able to release the amount that is needed to be.

Sleep helps the body to relax down, but if you are not able to get proper sleep then you are triggering stress sign that is not at all good for your blood pressure levels. Improper sleeps can alone cause high levels of blood pressure. Hence it is advised to make sure that you sleep for at least 7-9 hours (in adults).

If you go through any such experience then you should immediately visit the doctor and get yourself checked. The symptoms are – dizziness, fast heart rate, suffocation and pain near chest area. Make sure to contact someone quick and visit the doctor for a checkup.

There are remedies to this situation. The best is improving your sleep patter. An improved sleep pattern helps a lot. If you are facing problem with your sleep then visit a doctor and get yourself checked for sleep apnea disorders. If diagnosed with any sleep apnea then you can start wit Provigil pill for the treatment.

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