Sleep apnea linked with Alzheimer’s disease?

Sleep apnea and Alzheimer, both are life-threatening diseases. Consider that a person is having both the disorders at the same time, how terrible it can be for that person. Well, the recent studies by the medical researchers of Alzheimer and sleep apnea disease have found some links between both of them.

The research study claims, that people suffering from sleep disorders are very close to having an Alzheimer disease, if the sleep apnea is prolonged for more time. The signs have been found in majority of the senior citizens. As we grow old the possibility of having an Alzheimer increases, and sleep apnea can just worsen the condition from bad to worse.

The common symptoms in both the cases, Alzheimer and sleep apnea, are more than a couple. The worse part about the sleep apnea and Alzheimer is that, both the diseases don’t have the guarantee to be cured for 100%, and the medical science approves of it.

The symptoms common in both the cases are –

  • Sleeplessness or insomnia – This is the most common symptoms of sleep apnea as well as Alzheimer. The person stays awake most of the hours of the day, not feeling the need to sleep. Prolonged continuity of this symptom can be life-threatening. Medically, it is said that, if a person stays awake for more than 40 hours straight, the ability of his/her mind to perform task is highly reduced, also the person may suffer from day-dreaming or hallucinations.


  • Memory disorder – Loss of memory is common in Alzheimer condition. In sleep apnea, if the sleep disorder goes untreated, then it may result in memory disorder problem. Hallucination is one form.



  • Loss of appetite – Personsuffering from either Alzheimer or sleep apnea experiences a loss in the appetite. They eat less, which results in loss of body weight and other sigs like, dull skin texture and dark circles around eyes. The food intake is very important, if the person is not taking the required meal, it may even result in enormous weight loss and can prove to be fatal.


  • Lack of sleep – Insufficient sleep is one of the reasons that can trigger Alzheimer in patients of sleep apnea. lack of sleep affect the mental ability of a person directly. In case of senior people, there are chances of nerve getting destroyed, leading into failure of memory functioning.

Sleep disorder narcolepsy is one of the most prominent cases that in later stages can lead to Alzheimer risk. The secondary stage of narcolepsy is cataplesy, in which the body loses control. You are unable to move your body, the nervous system stops responding for more than a couple of minutes. Such symptoms can trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

To treat Alzheimer there is no 100% fixed solution. On the other hand sleep apnea can be treated with the use of Modafinil. Modafinil is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority of US. The pill is effective in treating narcolepsy and other signs of sleep disorders.

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