Sleep apnea is best cured with exercise and Provigil

Sleep apnea can be a real trouble when it comes to work performance and morning time alertness. Sleep apnea can hamper your morning routines and fail you in your work performance. The worst part about sleep apnea is that, it makes you feel sleep and tired throughout the day, even if you have had a proper sleep last night.

Sleep apnea can be treated with the use of medicines and a few changes in your life pattern. Sleep apnea is best treated by altering your work and living habits. For example, if you are not having a proper diet before bed, it can lead to an improper sleep resulting on a bad morning the nest day. There are certain things that you can change and imply in your daily routine to fight back sleep apnea –

Taking medicines on time – Keep track of your medicines. Take them on time; it is very important for your health. Skipping medicines can be fatal at times.

Enough time to relax – Don’t overwork yourselves. If you think you are getting some sort of pressure by doing a particular exercise then stop it, consult the doctor and then start afresh with a new or alternative one.

Have a proper food diet – This is one of the most important points in order to keep you alive and kicking. A proper diet is for a better heart and a better heart ensures a better blood pressure level.

Reduce Salt intake in your food – Salt contains sodium and high intake of sodium will increase your blood pressure like a rocket so avoid high intakes of salt. Only add salt for taste in your food. This is for a better health and heart.

Lose weight– Shedding weight is the best you can do to keep your blood pressure under control. It keeps you motivated and helps you in also controlling the blood pressure. Make sure you keep working on losing your weight.

Precautions while consuming sleep apnea pills –

The pills should be taken in the morning time before going to work, so that the effect remains during the working hours. This provides a great concentration level as it keeps away any sort of tiredness and dizziness away. For people working in shifts, it is important that you consult with your doctor before starting with the pills. Make sure that you are not taking the pill before sleeping or anywhere close to your sleep hours. This may severely affect your sleep pattern and a bad sleep results in a bad health.

If your signs or symptoms of side-effects are continued for a long time then you immediately need to stop and consult your doctor. A prolonged side-effect can be harmful for your health in long run. Make sure that you tell your medical history to your doctor, in order to get a better treatment.

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