It is important to notice your breathing pattern because your breathing decides most of your health habits. Your breathing is related to everything, your blood, your eating, your sleep, your exercise, etc. Breathing is one simple exercise and it can do wonders for you, which you may not know about till date.

Breathing is very closely related to your sleep. It is very obvious because if you are finding it difficult to breath during your sleep it may result in snoring and snoring at times is irritating. How to maintain your breath and what can be done to avoid snoring during breath.

Well, you can consult a doctor and he may advice you with some medicines for your breathing problem during sleep or on the other hand you may use natural measures like meditation and yoga (breathing exercises). It is medically proven that doing Yoga for 15 minutes daily helps in improving your breath during your sleep.

Breathing also affects your skin. So in order to have a healthy skin you need to take time and do some breathing exercise daily. Breathing exercise also helps in maintaining a good blood circulation in the body and thus helps in keeping the mood calm and cool most of the time, this is effective in reducing stress and depression.

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