Sit less for a better health

The recent medical study has proved that sitting too much without doing any activity may increase the risk of heart related problems. But for many sitting for long hours and working is a need. It is also proved that sitting for hours may reduce your metabolism process and this may lead in obesity causing much greater health risks.

Sitting leads to a variety of health problems like disability, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart risks and slow metabolism. All this can lead to a greater health problem. So take a break every hour and move from your seat.

If you have a job demanding that you need to sit for straight long hours then you need to make sure that you do the following activities.

30 minutes of vigorous physical activity

Your physical activity may include running, jogging, swimming, etc. physical activity strengthens your bones and muscles and balances with the amount of time you are sitting on your chair.

Take regular breaks

During office hours, take a break every hour for 2 minutes at least. This helps in keeping the body active and the lower part of the body fit. It helps in circulation of blood and enhances metabolism. If sitting for long hours avoid eating processed foods. These foods will cause you to gain weight that is not required.

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