It is important for you to differentiate between a normal sleep problem and a sleep disorder. This is so because normal sleep problem can be cured or treated easily and the person suffering can get back on track, but in case of a sleep disorder it takes more serious turn. Sleep disorders can cause various health problems relating to stress, depression, blood pressure and even heart related issues.

How to know that you are having a normal sleep problem or a serious sleep disorder? What are the symptoms of a sleep disorder? Let us look at few of the most prominent sleep disorder symptoms.

Feeling drowsy and sleepy all the time

If you are feeling sleepy all the time, even when you just woke from the bed and feel that your sleep is incomplete then this may be a strong symptom and you must visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Have problem in focusing or concentrating

If you feel that your performance is getting down day by day then you need to rethink on your focus strategy. Are you able to focus the same way like early times? Finding it difficult to concentrate on presentations and not able to utilize your complete strength? These are some real signs that you are suffering from sleep disorder.

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