Provigil maybe be an addictive drug

Continuous use of the provigil pill can be addictive, recent researches has found pattern that prolonged use of the nootopic pill (provigil) can lead to addictiveness, a similar kind of addiction that is with any other drug.

The mechanism of provigil pill is still not known in complete details, the medical researchers have, however, found a link between that suggests provigil acts on dopamine in the brain and hence the wakefulness cycle of the body starts. You can consider that the drug is like caffeine present in coffee. It won’t cause much harm, but can obviously lead to a change in your life style pattern.

Signs of addictiveness from provigil pill

If you are taking the pill for a long period of time then you need to check it with your doctor. Provigil is not recommended for a continuous prolonged use, the pill can cause severe side-effects like hallucination, upset stomach, headache and lack of appetite. No need to remind that in some cases this can even lead to insomnia, a phase where your body refuses to sleep, even if show excessive signs of tiredness.

If you have been taking the pill for long time and after a sudden suspension of the pill you feel headache or hallucination, then immediately visit the doctor, this maybe a sign of addictiveness. Your body maybe in the need of the drug and only once you pop the pill back again your body relaxes.

It is of importance that you understand the exact use of the pill. If you are suffering from a sleep disorder and the doctor has recommended you the pill, it is completely fine. But in case you are using the pill, just to stay awake the whole night or to enhance your memory boosters, then, be careful, you may be falling prey to a drug, whose long-term effects are yet not known.

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Provigil is a great drug for every sleep apnea disorder but the use of the drug should be made completely under the scanner of a professional medical expert.

Provigil is a pill that enhances cognitive skills, but the long term use of the pill is not advised. The pill can be taken when you are having a sleep disorder case, but just in case to bring up your focus level or stay awake the whole night, consult a doctor before using again.

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