Many office going people complain that they find it difficult to focus for long hours during their work and it then results in their performance chart. These employees also complaint that they work late night and wake up early, their work is on time but the quality somehow is not improving as they expected.

The simple reason for the above problem is that you want your brain to function extra for you, which is not possible in every case. Some people have the tendency to work for hours without even ‘blinking eye’ but not all posses this in their genes. The problem arises when you start working late night and wake up late or early in the morning.

This unfixed sleep time of yours is giving you this problem of non-focus at your work. You need to set up a proper schedule for your sleep and at least make it seven hours minimum in a day for sleep. If sleep is not possible for you then you certainly need to consult a doctor. Provigil pill is recommended by doctors all over the globe for such health problems.

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