Nuvigil helping sleep apnea patients to recover soon

Sleep disorder are caused generally due to the deprivation of sleep. In cases related to sleep deprivation the problem arises in your white blood cells count. The white blood cell count is directly related to the immune system of the body. But first let us try to understand the relation between sleep disorders and sleep deprivation.

All the sleep disorders have one thing in common and that is making the immune system weak. Staying awake due to sleep disorders can also lead to obesity, heart risks, high blood pressure, diabetes and other problematic health problems.

Now getting back to the immunity and the sleep relation, the less you sleep the more the chances of you getting your white blood cells ratio high, which certainly is not a good sign at all for your immune system. This makes your immune system weak from inside and you may become an easy prey to common diseases like flu, cold and cough.

In order to avoid that you need to take extra care about your sleeping habit. You need to fix timings in order to get a proper sleep. If you are able to do that then you would see your health bar level increase. If you are not sure how to do that consult a doctor.

Sleep disorders make a mess out of your life. Sleep disorders are basically health related problems or to be more specific are your sleep related problems that hamper your work performance and make you feel sleepy all the time, day and night.

The most common problem that lets the human body to not sleep is a state of stress or depression. In such cases the mind is continuously active and keeps thinking about things that distract the person from getting a sleep. The problems may be related to personal life of work, but due to some reason the person is not at peace with them and hence falls under a stressed or depressed condition. In such condition consulting a doctor is important.

The most common sleep disorders that most of the people face are – Narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleep and shift work sleep disorder. Some of the sleep disorders if not fixed at the early stages later prove to be life threatening. For example, narcolepsy if goes uncured then develops into cataplexy, a state in which the suffering person gets attack of loss over muscle.

In order to avoid such situations you need to stay fit and keep sleep disorders at bay. You have to fight such sleep disorders to keep yourself healthy, fit and working. The symptoms of sleep disorders are necessary to identify and report to your doctor, if your symptoms are not grave then it’s good for you, but if not then you need to under medical attention immediately.

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