Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder term usually denoted to describe daytime sleep or excessive sleep anytime of the day. Narcolepsy can seriously cause serious health problems. In the stage of narcolepsy the person feels extra sleepy; most of the times lose control of few muscles and fall to sleep.

This sleep disorder is caused due to the inactivity of that segment of brain that helps in keeping the brain awake. Person feels very drowsy at times and falls to sleep. The person may fall asleep during a lecture, a presentation or even for worst during a long ride while driving, which can be disastrous.

Narcolepsy can be treated by few medicines, but these medicines should only be taken under the prescription of a doctor. Provigil and Modafinil are two pills that are given to patients of narcolepsy in order to treat their sleeping disorder. Both the medicines are USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved and are recommended by thousands of doctors all over the globe.

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