Modvigil pill the new age drug

Working late night shifts, managing projects or studying for research or exams can be tough when you don’t have enough energy left in you and are feeling extremely sleepy. To avoid such situations, the new age drug, Modvigil is prescribed. The drug is especially designed to treat sleep disorders and any symptoms related to it.

It is a class of drug which belongs to the group Nootropics. Modvigil is a drug which is been prescribed by thousands of doctor to enhance wakefulness in patients suffering from sleep related disorders. Modvigil acts as a wakefulness promoting agent, which improves alertness in patients and subsequently reduces tiredness and drowsiness.

Modvigil drug is widely used by shift workers who are not able to stay awake or concentrate on their job due to need of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead you to severe sleep apnea disorders and you certainly don’t want to end up being a sleep disorder patient.

The exact mode of action of Modvigil is still not known but it is believed to be an excellent drug in sleep related disorders as it alters the brain chemicals thereby allowing the person to stay awake and concentrate on their job.

Modvigil should be taken only against prescription from a qualified physician. Though this drug is officially approved by USFDA for indications such as “enhance wakefulness” & among shift workers, it should not be consumed without prescription. We highly recommend our customers to follow their doctor’s advice and follow the dosages accordingly.

Consuming Modvigil pills (Dosage)

For wakefulness or shift workers the usual prescribed dosage is 200 mg once a day (less commonly, 100 to 400 mg/day in one or two doses).

For conditions other than shift work sleep disorder, Modvigil is normally taken in one dose in the morning or in two doses in the morning and at midday. It is generally not recommended to take Modvigil after noon: Modvigil is a relatively long-acting drug with a half-life of 15 hours, and taking it during the later part of the day carries a risk of sleep disturbances.

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Modvigil is, a new age, revolutionary drug that has enhanced many lives. The drug has helped people out of their sleep miseries and provided with a new beginning.

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