A highly debated topic; during stress or depression which is the best– medicine or meditation. Well, all experts have answered in their own way, but majority have recommended meditation. Meditation is an exercise which gives relaxation to both body and soul. The calmness it sets in a person helps the person to be more attentive, focused and away from stress or depression.

Benefits of meditation are many. But for the patients of stress or depression meditation is a must exercise which has positive effect if continued for a longer period of time. Meditation helps in maintaining a healthy life style of the people suffering from stress or depression. Waking up in morning and meditating has proven to be a healing exercise for many mental state problems.

Many medical experts too advise meditation over medicinal therapy. Medicines cure for the time being, but meditation can help you uproot the stress or depression. But in many patients the level of stress is high and that can be only cured with both medicines and meditation. But it is recommended that the medicines taken should be only under the supervision of a verified doctor because a wrong dose of medicine can be hazardous.

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