To keep up with our daily diet we rely on fast foods in this contemporary life. The intake of sugar is must to maintain our good health, but in this fast moving world we sometimes take more sugar than what is required and that can cause health issues. Sugar basically is divided into three parts, glucose, sucrose and fructose. Glucose is required to keep our body functioning.

If you don’t have a good enough control on your diet, higher sugar intake can lead to obesity or in many cases diabetes too. So, it is necessary to keep a track of food you are taking in your current life. For example, let us list some of the contemporary fast foods and compare that with our natural fruits.

Processed fast food/drinks-

Coca Cola – 7 teaspoons sugar

Snickers bar – 7 teaspoons sugar

Fruit loops – 10.5 teaspoons sugar

Natural fruits-

Banana – 3 teaspoons sugar

Apricots – 2.3 teaspoons sugar

Blueberries – 1.3 teaspoons sugar

The above figures show that there is a huge difference between the sugar level of a natural food and a processed food. So we can say that, having a processed food once in a while is good but having it regularly can surely lead to heath related issues. Instead opt for good natural fruits and diets that can help you maintain your health with balancing your sugar level too.

If obesity develops in someone that it can lead to tiredness and sleep related issues too. Thus to maintain health level by maintaining your diet becomes must.

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