How harmful is passive smoking?

Passive smoking is the form, in which the person standing with the cigarette smoker unintentionally inhales the smoke coming out of the cigarette. For many it may seem quite harmless, but in reality passive smoking is as harmful as the real smoking itself. The smoke contains particles of tobacco and other carcinogenic elements in it, which can cause you all sorts of problem, which a regular smoking person may face.

Let us look at the health risks that can be caused by passive smoking amongst women –

-Risk of miscarriage during pregnancy

-Risk of death of fetus

-Risk of increased pain and problems during birth

-In certain cases low weight or even premature birth

It is very important for pregnant women to keep her away from smoking and if they are into any smoking act then avoid it at any cost for a better healthy delivery. For a better future of the child born, the mother needs to take care and maintain safe distance from any sort of smoking, direct or even passive.

Smoking is the most common reason for causing most number of cancers. Most of the mouth and lung related cases of cancer are directly related to smoking cigarettes. It is important to be aware of the harmful effects of smoking; it is also harmful to young and adolescents.

In young children the problem can be more hazardous as there immune system is still new and is in a building stage.

-The risk of sudden death due to excessive smoke

-Lung related health disorders like bronchitis

-Breathing related problems in early stage like asthma

-Health problems like cough

The issue of smoking is serious, if you understand the gravity of the issue, you should then avoid smoking and switch to a better health schedule.

Smoking can land you in other problems too. One of the most prominent is sleep related problems. If you are a regular smoker then you may find hard getting a proper sleep. If you are not getting a regular sleep then chances are high that you may catch a sleep disorder. To avoid this, consult a doctor as soon as possible, bring permanent changes in your lifestyle and live a long healthy life.

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