Heart risk high amongst young women with depression

Hypertention and stress related health problems are common in women belonging to age group 24 – 48 years. These problems occur usually when you are finding some difficulty in your professional or personal life. You are not able to maintain the balance between the both. Such situations generally give rise to the state of depression amongst women or in general to all human beings. The recent study of Journal of American Heart Association suggests that the worse affect of depression is on women.

The depression state in women generally arises due to some professional or personal emotional or mental trauma. If the women do not finds a cure for it soon, chances are high that the depression will worsen the state of the depressed women. The reasons considered for depression in women at young age are –

Insufficient sleep or disturbed sleep pattern

Personal relationship trauma

Professional work pressure

Depending on too much stimulants

Medical history of some mental illness

These are the major reasons considered by the doctors, due to which a women suffers from depression at a young age. If you are suffering from such cause too, then you need to immediately take medical assistance from a professional doctor. In order to get a proper treatment from your depression you need to tell about your medical history too, so that the doctor can treat you with utter care.

How is heart risk connected to depression?

Depression triggers many existing health problems to a higher level. For example, if a woman is suffering from headache or cold, then stress or depression may trigger it and cause extreme irritation, pain, watery eyes, redness of eyes, running nose, etc. Hence, depression acts as an agent for any kind of existing health problems.

Heart related minor problems, which sometime go unnoticed, when come in contact with a depressed nature triggers. This can cause various heart related issues, stroke is one of them. Also it can lead to a severe pain and congestion in the chest area. Although strong relation between the heart and depression are still being studied, the result of the research by the Medical researchers published in the American Journal establishes a relation between depression and heart risks.

Avoiding depression

In order to tackle depression the best method is to consult a doctor and take the advice. Before starting any medication it is advised that you indulge in a more exercise and meditation related program to keep your depression under control.

  • Maintain timetable for exercises and yoga
  • Take regular sleep
  • Eat healthy
  • Don’t drink much or smoke
  • Take medication on time
  • Socialize yourself

These are some quick tips to help reduce your depression problem. Make sure that before starting with any kind of medicine you consult your doctor.

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