Healthy food items to hang with for a better sleep

Sleep is directly linked with what you eat. What to eat is not the question or the concern. The main concern is how much do you eat and even if you do eat more, are you doing anything to get it properly digested in your body?

A study by the medical researchers at Harvard University has proved that food rich in high fiber content can actually reduce the heart risk and can add more years to your life. Fiber rich food items are good for the digestion and also boost the immune system of the human being.

The study also found that the people those who have survived a heart attack show positive signs of health after they start eating fiber rich foods.High dietary fiber intake can improve blood lipid levels and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

Maintaining a good health is important to avoid disease. Over weight is one of the main reasons for getting a disease.

Also, eat as much cereal as you can to keep your body fit and fiber rich. Fiber helps in proper digestion of the food and also helps in keeping the metabolism rate at good levels. A good metabolism helps in keeping the body working for long hours of the day.

Digestion helps

Taking meals on regular intervals is important for a healthy mind and body. Taking regular meals enhances your work performance by giving you enough energy to work for long hours. A good stomach is the secret to a good body and it really matters what you eat, in order to maintain a good body.

Eating healthy has a certain criteria. Any food you eat is healthy and carry some or the other nutrients. How to eat also is important as it can reflect the way you work.

Eating is all about chewing your food down. Most of us bite the food and gulp it, some of us bite it, chew a little and gulp it. Well, this is not the proper way to eat food, any food. Food too needs chewing, more chewing.

A more chewed food is easy to digest. The food from our mouth travels to the stomach with ease and gets absorbed easily. A less chewed food goes to the stomach where it is again fragmented into many smaller pieces that take times and hence the digestion process increases.

The digestion process runs on a simple mechanism. The salivary gland secrets saliva that mixed with the food in mouth goes through the food pipe to the stomach where it further gets fragmented into pieces and the vital nutrients are absorbed by the body.

If a well chewed food enters the stomach, it is easy for the stomach to clear that food. Also, a good stomach leads to a good health.

Medicine for sleep disorder

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