Healthy eating habits for a better sleep

Eating healthy is the secret of a better health, there is no secret to that. It is linked with your heart, your blood, your stomach and your sleep. A proper diet will lead you to a proper heath.

Eating healthy is directly linked with your stomach. This everyone knows, but eating healthy is also linked with your sleep. Having a healthy diet is important. It is okay to be a little loose someday on your eating habits. But it is important to make sure that you are taking your meal on time. The time of taking a meal is very important.

Taking meal on time helps in setting your body under a proper daily routine. Meal takes certain time in digestion. If you eat and directly go to bed, then you won’t be able to take a proper nap as the digestion was not complete.

Follow these three steps to get a better healthy sleep. If you are not getting proper sleep then you might be suffering from sleep disorder. There are medicines that can cure sleep disorders.

Fiber rich foods are always recommended by doctors to patients suffering from digestive problems. Fiber helps to move the food fast in the body and to excrete the unwanted food. Fiber can help in maintaining the weight and adds a good glow to the skin. Every food ingredient contains some amount of fiber but fruits contain the most. Eating fiber rich food should be a must in your diet plan. The food ingredients that are rich in fiber are –

  • Bran
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Berries
  • Beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Oranges
  • Almonds

Fiber in food is food is of two types – soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers form a liquid jelly and make the digestion process slow. So you feel full stomach for a long time and don’t have the urge to eat food soon. This helps in controlling the weight. You get soluble fiber from foods like cucumber, mushrooms, etc.

On the other hand insoluble fiber helps in moving the food quickly through the intestine. This helps in excreting the unnecessary food item. Both the kind of fibers are important for the health and the cleaning of the digestive system. The benefits of fiber intake are many; let us look at some of the important aspects of fiber on human health.

  • Good Heart – Fiber helps in controlling heart related risks. They have proved to be very good for heart. 40% reduction in heart related diseases and risks.
  • Skin health – Fiber adds a glow to the skin. As it helps in a proper and good digestion, it helps in cleaning the blood and thus maintaining a good skin. Fiber rich food is great for acne removing too.
  • Blood Sugar control – Fiber breaks down sugar and helps in proper digestion and fragmentation of sugar rich food. T breaks down the carbohydrates.

Thus, fiber should be a must in your diet as it provides the best value your body requires. The good benefits of fiber are also linked to a better sleep and stress free life.

Provigil 200mg pills are recommended in case of sleep disorders. The pill belongs to nootropic group of drugs and act as sleep promoting agent. For a better sleep health, you can start with provigil if your diet and other medications are not working. Just make sure that you do this under the supervision of a certified doctor, as the pill has certain side-effects and can be adverse at times.

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