There is a lot of confusion still in many of your minds regarding generic medicines. Now let us take a looks at the issues that most of the people have regarding generic medicine and how can your myths be busted about generic medicines.

They are not effective like branded medicines.

You may think this is correct but this is incorrect. Generic medicines are same in their effectiveness as the branded medicines are, generic medicines contain the same active ingredient like the branded medicine. So next you are buying a generic medicine be assured that it is safe and will act same like the branded magazine.


Many people are still confused about the pricing of the generic medicines. Well, the prices of a generic medicine can be as low as 70% from the same brand medicine. So if you feel like your brand medicines are costly then you can switch to generic medicines for a better price.

If still have doubt consult a reliable doctor.

If you still feel that you are uncertain about the use of generic medicines then you should consult a doctor on whose decision or words you can rely on. I am 100% sure that you will get the same answer from your doctor.

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