Foods unhealthy for your cholesterol

When you are suffering from cholesterol related problems then you understand the importance of eating food very cautiously. The food item selected by you is very important, in order to understand what is best for you, you should always consult your doctor before proceeding. Cholesterol, high or low, both can pose a problem.

If you consider that only food with high oil quantity or processed food or any other food like meat can cause cholesterol then you might have an opinion change after reading the list below. There are certain food items which you would never consider had cholesterol. Let us look at the food items that have cholesterol and are lesser known –

-Coffee – Early morning coffee may help as a stimulant to wake you up, but remember that it can add to your LDL. Regular coffee intake raises levels of LDL lipid profile, i.e., bad cholesterol.

-Granola – It is often seen as the food that provides maximum nutrition, but if you are suffering from cholesterol problems then it is better you may avoid it. The food item is highly stuffed with saturated fats.

-Shrimp – All other sea products like fish, prawn, crab, etc may be fine but not shrimp. It is one of the causes of increasing the bad cholesterol level in your body.

-Energy bars – Energy bars come full of oils and rich nut oils. These are enough for increasing the lipid profile level in your body. If you are not a regular workout guy, then avoid eating lots and lots of energy bars.

-Organ foods – Another food item that has more oil and other ingredients to raise your cholesterol level. In order to get a better food eat the meat instead of opting for organ food.

-Ghee – It is one of the sources of cholesterol. Ghee is a dairy product and contains humongous amounts of fats. More the fats more are the chances of accumulating in your body, avoid it.

-Dairy products – Even doctors would advise you to keep yourself away from dairy products. They are rich sources of fats and hence can cause a trouble.

So you have the list. Now, make sure that whenever you are going to eat you avoid this in your food table. It is important for your healthy living. Cholesterol (LDL) causes most of the heart related problems –

-Heart diseases like stroke

-High blood pressure


-Blocking of blood pipes

It is important that you consult your doctor for your diet. Eating certainly becomes an important selective choice when you are suffering from any sort of problems related to cholesterol. In order to live a healthier life, make sure that you are eating food that is only helping you to cope up with your cholesterol.

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