Excessive daytime sleepiness and its cure

Working late night and getting a sleepy head in the morning is fine and understandable, but what if someone says that he/she slept a proper 7-9 hours sleep and still feels sleepy all the day during the morning? Well, this is true for many Americans. Such type of sleep problem is related to sleep disorders, to be specific – excessive daytime sleep.

This fact has been again and again repeated in many medical researches that sleep has a direct effect on human health. Inadequate amount of sleep does causes problems related to health, both mental and physical. Inadequate sleep can cause drowsiness, obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder and in extreme cases hypersomnia.

Inadequate sleep can also cause or be a reason for your obesity, a recent study has revealed. In a group of people surveyed, it was found that 30% of them were having a sleep issue and were obese. This gives an explanation that somewhere sleep and obesity are related with each other. Sleep is generally advised by medical experts for about 6-8 hours a day.

Feeling sleepy during office the hours is emerging as one of the most challenging problems for the working class. There is a increased number in the issues related to sleep during office hours. Various reasons are attributed to it but main reason is actually a health disorder related to sleep. This disorder is known as shift work sleep disorder.

Many face the problem of not getting a continuous sleep for complete 6 hours and there sleep patter often causes them trouble resulting in improper health. Sleeping inadequately gives the body less time to relax and thus less time to carry out the other essential internal body activities. This can lead to a problem with the physique of a person, both in a teenager and an adult.

To avoid this, doctors advise to take complete rest and imbibe a regular daily time given for meditation. Meditation helps in keeping the body calm and mind away from distress which helps in getting a good and comfortable sleep. If this too doesn’t help in great way then you can try consulting your doctor for medicines.

This sleep disorder, shift work sleep disorder, is basically found in the urban class people. Medical experts have cited few reasons for this sleep disorder, some of the important ones are-

Late night work-

Working till late night to meet deadlines and then getting up early next day reduces your sleep time span and thus results in sleep disorders. The minimum sleep required, as recommended by doctors all over, is seven to nine hours. Thus sleeping late night and getting up early affects your sleep pattern and can cause a sleep disorder.

Improper diet before sleep-

Another strong reason is what you eat or drink before sleep. It is recommended that you should eat dinner at least 2 hours before your sleep. This helps in a good sleep. Also avoid liquor, smoke or any nicotine related product. It disturbs you in getting a continuous sleep. This also poses a problem for sleep disorder.

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