It is frequently asked that in stress what kind of breakfast is most suitable. Well, to answer that question we have list of food ingredients that are required in the breakfast to make your mood healthy and fresh. Here are the food items one should consume during breakfast to start fresh.


Milk is one of the most vital ingredient when it comes to breakfast. A breakfast is incomplete without the intake of milk. Especially for young age adolescents milk is a compulsory food item. Milk provides high calcium which strengthens the bones.


A fruit, Apple or strawberry or orange should be consumed during breakfast. Fruit helps in metabolism and keeps the body functioning well oiled throughout the day. A fruit has rich nutrients in it and hence is a good product for stomach.


Oatmeal is considered to be one of the best breakfast item. Oatmeal should be consumed for a better stomach. Oatmeal provides healthy nutrients that help in good circulation of blood.


Egg is another important food item on a breakfast table. It is one of the most consumed food item during breakfast and is rich in all sense. Egg is a must eat food during breakfast.

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