Health is an important aspect of the human life. Being healthy is one of the most prominent things on any person’s list as it determines your daily work or activity. A more healthy mind and brain can function five times better than a brain that is unhealthy and suffering from any sort of illness. You must know that your body starts giving you signs if you are going to fall ill.

If you are having a headache then it may be a problem related to your work, if you are having a back or neck pain, then you need to understand that you require a break. Body starts responding to these symptoms and signs. The major signs and symptoms that you are ignoring can lead you to much higher risk.

1.Paralysis of legs, numbness attacks and blurred visions can be one of the strongest signs of a disease.

2.Body ache, pain in joints, neck or back pain and weakness can be one of the signs that you are over working beyond your limits.

3.Depression or stress can be one of the major symptoms of a disease.

These three are the most important symptoms that your body is over working and can be under a serious threat of a disease. In any of the case you must compulsorily visit a doctor.

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