Don’t go out buying soft drinks for your children every time

Energy drinks come with high calories and sugar, no second though on that. Even the researches on the drinks have proved that. We all know that, but most of us just cannot avoid drinking the energy drinks. We need to understand the functioning of energy drinks before gulping it all down in our body.

The significance of knowing what you are eating and how does it affects your health is certainly of major concern. This not only indicates that how healthy your future is going to be, but also how long you will live without health troubles.

There are certain ingredients that are in your drink and of which you should know the next time you take one can in your stomach. The three main ingredients that an energy drink contains, which effects your body are –

Caffeine – This is present in every soft-drink and in high amounts in the energy drinks. The main purpose of caffeine is to function as a brain stimulant and keep you awake and focused on your work. In little amount it is fine, but a regular drinking and huge amounts can really cause problems related to diabetes and heart.

Artificial sweeteners – It is one ingredient that is the cause of many health problems in your body. If you are suffering from diabetes or sugar, under no circumstance you should even take a sip of that energy drink. It is full of sugar and high calorie, enough to make your health misbalanced.

Brominated vegetable oils (BVO) – These are added ingredient that can cause a lot of trouble for your body. It actually is a toxicant and is made up by using bromine, hence artificial vegetable oils. This will only lead to a worse health habit.

These are the three ingredients that can cause trouble to your health. The condition of the heart is worse soon after drinking a can of any energy drink. The problem is contraction of the heart. The heart contracts very fast, and remains in that same mode for a moment. This is dangerous.

These ingredients can make your teeth rot to a point you won’t be able to recognize them, sounds scary? Well you should watch a few researches done on these items on youtube. They are open to all. There are certain more health hazards of energy drinks. Common problems are obesity and heart related problems.

Cholesterol and High blood pressures –

The blood pressure can certainly shoot off when you drink an energy drink. Drinking a lot of can back-to-back can even cause a cardiac arrest. The problem is that the energy drink gives a sudden heart contraction. This can even lead to a heart arrest. So, drink only when you really feel the need of drinking energy can.

Overweighing and Obesity –

One of the common problems is obesity. A drink provides you huge amounts of calories and sugar and if you don’t work out, then you surely would land yourself in trouble. The problem is that the sugar deposits in the body and the kidney and liver can have a lot of trouble. The liver is unable to control the sugar levels and can create a misbalance in the insulin.

They create sleeping problems –

If you drink an energy drink just before sleep, then you might as well be throwing yourself in insomnia stage. Caffeine present in the drink leads to non-sleeping tendencies, which can also alter your sleep pattern. This could be dangerous, leading to sleeping disorders.

Alternative drinks to consider other than soft drinks or energy drinks –

-Fruit juices

-Green Tea

-Vegetable juices

These are much better notional and natural. They won’t affect your child or even your health and provide you with a good healthy life ahead. provides you medicines that are used in the treatment of sleep disorders. The pills available are Provigil, Modafinil and Armodafinil to name a few. These are very effective in treating sleep disorders. In order to get a better and cheap service visit our website. All the medicines are USFDA approved and recommended by thousands of doctors all over the globe. In case of any query you can write to us. We would be happy to respond to you.

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