Depression is something that everyone faces at some point in time in their life. Whether you are teenager, an adult or above 50 in age, we all must have gone through depression at some point. Depression is often considered as an illness, which certainly is a myth. Similar to this there are other myths associated with depression. Depression is a phase when the state of the mind faces low mood swings.

Considering the male gender, Men often don’t disclose their depressed state of mind as most of them are believed to be of tough nature. But this is not a good sign. When you are depressed the best medicine available is a good healthy talk to the person whom you trust the most. It been scientifically proven that talking does effect a depressed mind and helps to reduce stress.

Most en believe in carrying their depression alone and fighting with it. Well, the best option is to at least talk to your doctor, who may have a better advice for you. Men believe in showing solidarity but remember if the inside is troubled how you can stay composed from your outside. The best way is to meditate and join for a game of football or basketball in the evening. Swimming has proved to be a great depression and stress buster. If you still feel your mind is not completely calm, you can consult your doctor.

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