Causes of sleep apnea problems

Sleep apnea is on a rise and on an average 22% of the Americans suffers from one form of the sleep disorder. The common sleep disorders are narcolepsy, cataplexy, excessive daytime sleepiness and shift work sleep disorder. These sleep disorders generally occur due to the

There are causes due to which you get sleeping disorders and the basic thing behind it is because you are unable to take a long and straight sleep continuously. Various factors that hinder in your proper sleep can be categorized into the following –

  • Stress and tension leading to sleepless nights– Going through stress and tension is one of the reasons of staying awake in the bed for long. If you are not able to calm your stress down soon, then it may start affecting your sleep resulting in a sleep problem.
  • Improper digestion of food – Improper digestion can really keep you awake for long hours. Consult a doctor soon for a better diet and a good sleep.
  • Irregular sleep pattern causing sleep disorders – Sleeping anytime is not done. This seriously affects your health and can cause sleep disorders. Make a regular routine and abide by it. Make sure that you sleep only 7-9 hours maximum in a stretch for a better and healthy sleep.
  • Gas and acidity related problems– Acidity can be one of the major problems. What you eat before sleep can really hamper your sleep and can lead into an improper sleep, making you to wake up tired. In case of acidity, eat some light food and rely more on liquid diets, avoid spicy food. The burning sensation in the chest area due to acidity can hamper your sleep.
  • Smoking/drinking alcohol before sleep – Smoking is a bad habit before sleep; it triggers the brain and keeps it more awake instead of getting a fine sleep. So, avoid having a smoke or drink right before sleeping.

You need to be care full the next time you are indulging in any activity before sleep. These are the steps you need to look at, I you are waking up tired. In order to avoid this, you can simply make a good schedule with a good balanced diet and regular 20-30 minutes workout plan. This really helps in achieving a better sleep life and also provides with a better concentration power with improved memory.

If still you are not able to find a good sleep and your symptoms doesn’t come in the above mentioned list, then you need to visit the doctor for a better treatment. Remember; never consider sleep a minor thing, sleep provides the best relaxation to the body and mid. It provides ample time for the body to replenish itself. It can be treated with the help of Modafinil 200 mg pills.

Dosage of Modafinil 200 mg pills

Modafinil should be consumed under the strict supervision of the doctor. A dosage of 200 mg per day is recommended to most of the patients suffering from narcolepsy but in certain cases the dosage is increased to 400 mg. By any means the pill should not be consumed more than the given dosage by the doctor, it can prove to be fatal. As Modafinil’s functioning is still not clear long term use of the pill is not recommended. Once you feel you are performing better and have reduced signs of sleep disorder you may suspend the use of Modafinil.

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