Cause and cure for stress and sleep apnea

Stress and bad sleep go hand in hand. If you had a stressed day then all you need is a good sleep, but since you are stressed you won’t be able to get a perfect sleep. Continuous such cycles can lead to a distressed sleep apnea, affecting your mental and physical health.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which the person starts snoring or has a problem in breathing during sleep. A snoring that seems very simple could lead to a sleep apnea if ignored for a long period of time. Sleep apnea usually gives you a non-continuous sleep. You may have sleep breaks in the night that may hamper your performance at your work in the morning time.

These are few symptoms that may lead to whether you are under the category of sleep apnea or just a snoring problem. Sleep apnea can rally be painful if ignored for long time because sleep apnea can affect your lifestyle completely and reduce your performance at everything. You may find it difficult to concentrate at things and end up feeling drowsy.

Controlling blood pressure levels

A recent study confirms that the blood pressure in women is bound to affect them 20-30% more than in men. The group of experts predicts that blood pressure increases under conditions of stress and depression or during pregnancy in women. So you need to take special care, if you are suffering from a problem of high blood pressure.

There are precautions which needs to been taken in women during the stages of high blood pressure. Like, you need to give enough space so that she could breathe easily, bring her a glass of water and make sure that you call a doctor if the blood pressure is too high. In severe cases a higher blood pressure can be fatal.

Stay away from depression

Stress is a symptom and if ignored for a long time can lead into a severe health problem. Stress actually triggers the hormones that are responsible for creating our mood. If we are under stress then our mood will be highly depressed. The hormones can affect the body harmfully. Stress should be managed properly and it can be done by doing various exercises.

Stress leads to health problems; if you are suffering from any kind of problem then being in stress can add to it. Stress can be more harmful in cases of depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and sometimes being in stress also leads to process of aging itself. Stress can be uncontrollable at times and in such situation the response and mood of the body changes drastically. A person under stress needs to avoid such situations.

The common sleep disorders are daytime sleeping, narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder. All these sleep disorders are a serious health hazard and if they are not treated early they can cause other various health issues like high blood pressure, depression, stress, etc.

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