Building up immunity is important

Immunity works on a very simple principle, stronger immunity less diseases. This is what is known and taught to us since we were kids. But what exactly is immunity and how can one boost it? Whether boosting it up will resolve all the problems? And if one can achieve a good immunity level then can he/she become invincible to diseases like cold, flu, etc? There are a lot of question that needs to be answered, let us look at them one by one.

Immunity is a shield like thing present in the body that helps to keep the body away from diseases. The higher the immunity levels the chances of fighting a disease by the body increases. To fight different diseases your immunity cells have to perform differently for every disease. So it becomes important for your body to develop all types of cells simultaneously to be a better immune body.

You can start building the immunity of your body by making certain lifestyle changes. You can start avoiding certain things and on the same time can bring in some good changes to make your body more immune to diseases. Things to avoid includes –

-Avoid smoking

-Avoid too much alcohol

-Avoid staying up whole night

-Avoid taking your health causally

The last point is very important – ‘Avoid taking your health causally’ for anyone to consider. At times, we get sick but refuse to visit the doctor and later after 2-3 days we discover that the problem is on a rise, and suddenly we realize that it would have been better if ‘I’ would have visited the doctor. Taking medicines on your own is ever advised; even it is a common cold; you may want to consult the doctor before pursuing your medication on your own. Such activities will only lower your immunity level, as the disease is host to your body for a long time.

Now, in order to build your immunity strong you need to go through a makeover of your complete lifestyle. Let us look at the valuable health tips that can increase you immunity.

  • Exercise daily – Getting up and going for a run along with body stretching is the best way to start the day. In the due process you are gaining a lot of fresh morning oxygen that helps in keeping your inner health good. If you are swimming lover, then continue that because swimming is one of the best ways to help your body get stronger.
  • Switch to a health breakfast – In order to maintain a good immunity level you need to have a heavy and healthy breakfast. Have some fruits and juices to call off the breakfast. It is a scientific fact that a good breakfast gives a sharp memory and enhanced work performance.
  • Keep a check on your weight – Keeping a check on your weight means that you are health conscious, which for you, is a good sign. If you are able to maintain a good weight then you are having a good health, resulting in a boosted immunity level. Along with this, keep a check on your blood pressure. A normal blood pressure is important for a good immunity level.
  • Get adequate sleep – If you are having trouble getting sleep then you need to check it with a doctor. Getting adequate sleep is very important, as it is the most simple and efficient method of getting your body a relaxed. A good sleep helps in raising the levels of immunity.

If you are having trouble sleeping then you need to consult your doctor. You maybe a patient of sleep disorders. Sleep disorders like narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleep and obstructive sleep apnea are common these days. If you are suffering from any of these then you need to get yourself treated soon, as these sleep disorders can be the most important reason in lowering down your immunity level.

There are pills in the market, which are used controlling sleep disorders. Modafinil, Provigil and Armodafinil are few of them. You can order Provigil 200 mg online from at very reasonable pricing. About the safety of the pill, all the pills are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) thus are safe to use. It is advised that you consult with your doctor before starting with these pills, for safety reasons as Provigil pill also have certain side effects. Once you are good to go the pill can help you fight sleep disorder and achieve a strong enough immunity level.

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