Be safe from the Carcinogenic fruits

Summertime brings in a lot of fruits like mangoes, papaya, watermelon, banana, etc. The recent problem which has arisen due to fruits is the risk of bad heath. Now, it may seem what the relation between fruits and bad health is? Well, to supply the market with cheap fruits and deliver the fruits fast the local vendors have started injecting or using chemicals to ripen the fruits. This is way too serious and harmful for your health.

The artificial ripening can lead to the problems like cancer, skin infection and irritation, mouth allergies, etc. Cancer is very prominent in this one, as the artificially ripened fruits contains carcinogens that are responsible for causing cancer.

Carcinogens are agents that are responsible for causing cancer in the human body. The agents slowly starts accumulating in the body and can be the cause for your cancer. The only prevention to this is by making your body much healthier and selecting the proper fruits to eat.

Picking up fruits-

You need to make sure that you follow the guidelines in order to make sure that you are picking up the right fruits while purchasing them. The most important factor is from where do you pick the fruits. A local vendor might sell you good fruits, but if he/she is selling them on low price then you have every right to check the fruit properly before taking it. You can follow the following guidelines before picking up the fruit-

  • If the fruits/s are all in same color, then they are mixed with chemicals. Like all bananas showing same yellow color.
  • The color may be good but the inside may be hard or not sweet, one of the effects of chemicals on food.
  • Stem of the fruit is dark while the centre is looking ripen and bright color. Say, a mango may seem good color but the base may be still green.
  • Spent a little higher and visit a good vegetable and fruits corner, after all its about your good health.

The fruits with carcinogenic agent cause cancer. This has been proved by the medical researches and many countries have banned the use of chemicals on fruits. The carbide present in the fruits only makes it look ripe, but actually they are artificially done. Eating heavy amount of such fruits is a really bad idea for a better health.

How to prevent or lessen the effect of chemical –

If you still purchase the fruits from the locals but are disguised about the fruit then you may take necessary protection.

  • Dip the fruit in water for 15-20 minutes to reduce the chemical effect of it.
  • Wash before eating. It is a must process.
  • Avoid the peels of any fruit. Peels have the highest chemicals.

Following these steps would certainly ensure that you are having a much healthier and safer fruit. The rise in consumption has lead to the rise in wrong-doings, to provide the material fast and make extra benefits. You have to be extra careful of what you buy from the store next time and how you eat it. Follow the guidelines for a better healthy life.

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