Avoid neck strain while using computers

Working for long have its disadvantages, it can cause certain health issues for you. If you continuously sit for long hours, say more than 2 hours straight in front of your computer; then you must know that you are only inviting trouble to your healthy life. Sitting for long can cause various problems, out of which neck sprain can really trouble you a lot.

The general problems one faces due to working long hours in front of computer can be –

  • Obesity
  • Eye related problems
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headache

These are certain health issues that the people working with computers often complain. The main reason is inactivity of your body. The body gets accustomed to the posture and when you suddenly try to stretch your body you may catch a sudden sprain that may trouble you for long.

In order to understand about the neck sprain, let us look at the facts that relate the relation between, sitting in front of computer and your neck. It is important that you move around a bit. You cannot just sit and sit for long; this can be dangerous for your health. Neck sprains occur when you continuously stare at the screen while working without much movement. When you suddenly turn your neck or move it around after a long time, you may get a sprain as you are shifting your posture after a long time.

A bad sprain can cause a lot of trouble for you. In order to prevent such sprains you can simply follow some real easy steps –

Adjust your monitor or screen – Make sure that the screen or monitor at which you are looking is in a proper position and at a proper angle. You don’t have to strain yourself to see what’s happening on the screen. It is advised that you keep a safe distance of 25 cm minimum from the screen and the angle between you and your computer be 45 degrees.

Keep moving your body weight – Keep moving your hands, eye balls, shoulders and if possible take breaks every hours from work for 2-3 minutes, take a walk around your office and come back again. This gives your body a movement and helps it to act properly.

Take break every 15 minutes and rotate your neck –If none of the above method is working great for you, then you can simply take a break from your regular work and rotate your neck in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for a better and sprain free neck.

If you are suffering from any sort of sleep disorder, then neck sprains can prove to extra threatening. Immediately consult a doctor in such a case for a better health. You can consult your doctor for medication too. But, look for a non medicinal treatment for neck sprain.

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