Addiction to your phone may cause eyesight problems

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New technologies have brought in the craze of new smartphones. The advent of technology has made us so addictive to our cell phones that we tend to spend most of the time with our phone. This is becoming problematic for our health. Recently, in a paper published, Dr. Khan of Michigan University admitted that there has been a rise in the vision problems of most of the youngsters who are using their smartphones beyond the required limit. This has raised a concern amongst the heath of the youngsters.

Keeping your cell phone with you is fine. The main purpose of the cell phone used to be to get in touch via a call, but now a cell phone has more to it than just making call. Technology has made huge inventions on a simple looking device and thus has kept us occupied. We now-a-days get a lot of apps on the phone and we keep ourselves busy with them. We continuously play games, use chat services; etc without taking a break and this is affecting our eyes.

Using a cell phone has certainly caused eye sight problems. Also, the use of cell phones are linked with a person’s emotional values, but that is a different issue all together. Continuously staring at the screen of mobile phones without blinking he eyes most of the time causes the eye to get dry. This can lead to a major problem. Also, looking continous at the mobile screen is one of the reasons for the increase of myopia in youngsters.

Myopia is also known as nearsightedness. In this condition the eyes are unable to focus at distant objects or are not able to read distant written things. Only near things appear sharp and clear. This is mainly because your eyes are accustomed to looking and focusing on near objects. Signs and symptoms could be-

  • Sharp visibility beyond 15-20 meters is lost.
  • Waking up early morning with a blurred vision.
  • Not able to read billboards or signals clearly beyond 20 meter range.
  • Straining your eyes to get the exact focusing of eyes to be able to read things clearly.

This eye vision problem can be treated by consulting a doctor. But the most important thing is to avoid using cell phones constantly for long hours. Take a break from your cell phone whenever you get time and stretch your view area. Look at objects that are placed far or look through out of your window at distant objects.

There are certain suggested exercises for eye to treat them well and get back the proper vision with a reduced problem of myopia, but you need to make sure that you do minimize the use of your cell phone for long hours straight.

  • Take break from regular activities and gives your eyes time to relax.
  • Exercise whenever you get time by moving your eyes in rotating positions- clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • Take a break from your computer screen or phone screen and look at distant objects randomly.
  • Do regular yoga related to eyes.
  • If you have glasses wear them continuously.

Following these steps would certainly help you in getting your eye sight a proper vision and might even help in reducing your myopia to a certain extent. Make sure that you use the technology only when you require. Don’t become dependent on it, use it wisely.

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