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Benoquin Cream Price : $11.20 Strength : 20 mg
Generic Name : Monobenzone Brand Name :Benoquin
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About Benoquin Cream
Skin is what reflects your personality; the tone of your skin doesn't matters unless you have it even all over your body. The problem arises when you have patches on your skin and your skin becomes discolored at specific areas. Well, earlier medical science didn't have any easy remedy for treating discolored skin. The traditional methods were quite costly and painful. This demanded for a better easy medicine that everyone could use.
The solution was developed - Benoquin cream. Benoquin cream contains monobenzene, this is responsible to a certain extent in the formation of melanin which is responsible for skin color. Benoquin contains major ingredient as monobenzene, apart from this, it contains sodium lauryl sulphate, purified water, propylene glycol, cetylalcohol and white wax. The cream is effective and is used in the treatment of discolored skin. Also, the cream is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
The main purpose of the cream is to treat Vitiligo. Vitiligo is the disease in which the cells responsible for color, melanocytes, rupture, die or are unable to function properly. A person suffering from Vitiligo can be easily identified, the signs of this disease are very clear, pathes and pigments on the skin. The dispigmentation of the skin indicates that you are suffering from Vitiligo.
Vitiligo can be easily treated with the use of Benoquin cream but a proper vcare should be taken before proceeding with the medicine. It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor on how to apply the cream for the best results.
In order to make sure you are getting it wrong, here are some quick points to apply and avoid while using Benoquin cream -
• Store it at a cool dry place.
• Apply it twice a week or consult your doctor and apply according to his/her instructions.
• Don't over use the cream.
• Only apply to the affected parts of the body.
• Don't use it for internal body purpose. Make sure you avoid contact with sensorial parts of the body.
• Stay away from being contact with direct sunlight; it can cause side-effects.
• Stay away from excess heating environments after applying the cream.
• Don't use when pregnant.
• If you are experiencing irritation or burning sensation then immediately suspend the use of the cream and consult your doctor.

These are some quick tips to help you understand about the benefits of Benoquin cream online. Benoquin cream has monobenzone, so if you are allergic to it then avoid using the cream and ask for any alternative from your doctor.
The results of Benoquin cream are positive. In order to get the proper benefit of the cream you need to be patient. Te treatment takes its time, sometimes 6 months and can extend up to a year's time. But the results have been positive. Other than the mild side-effects like burning sensation and irritation, Benoquin cream does not have any major side-effects.

Benoquin Cream - Medication Facts

Safety and side effects

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